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Feel free to contact me if you consider buying or selling an apartment/a property in Finland or if you are interested in investing in Finland.

I’m an experienced and educated real estate professional with a versatile background in international real estate brokerage & investing, renting residential and commercial properties, sales consulting and residential planning.

Work Experience:

  • Real Estate Brokerage: Sales Director at Sotheby’s International Realty, Advisor at Re/Max
  • Banking: Director of Banking, Marketing, Communications & HR at The Mortgage Society of Finland (Hypo)
  • Real Estate Investing: Executive Director at The Finnish Landlord Association
  • Sales Consulting & Nonfiction Writing


  • MSc (Econ. & Bus. Adm.)
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent
  • Authorized Property Valuer AKA (Y)
  • Professional Education for Authorized Real Estate Agents
  • Public Purchase Witness
  • Technical Drawer
  • Interior Designer
  • Certified Board Member


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We are a proud member of the Finland-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce and The Finnish Association for Real Estate Valuation

Elina Aalto